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本文摘要:好了 正文开始,较长 建议耐心寓目一、车钟下令(engine order)1. full ahead. 全速前速(前进四)。


好了 正文开始,较长 建议耐心寓目一、车钟下令(engine order)1. full ahead. 全速前速(前进四)。2. half ahead. 半速前进(前进三)。3. slow ahead. 慢速前进(前进二)。

4. dead slow ahead. 微速前进(前进一)。5. stop engines.停车。

6. dead slow astern. 微速退却(退却一)。7. half astern. 半速退却(退却二)。

8. full astern. 全速退却(退却四)。9. emergency full ahead. 应急全速前进。10. emergency full astern. 应急全速退却。11. stand by engine. 备车。

12. finished with engine. 用车完毕。13. bow thrust full to port side. 船首推进器全速向左。

14. bow thrust half to port side. 船首推进器半速向左。15. bow thrust full to starboard side. 船首推进器全速向右。16. bow thrust half to the starboard side. 船首推进器半速向右。

17. stem thrust half to port side. 主推进器全速向左。18. stem thrust half to port side. 主推进器半速向左。19. stem thrust full to starboard side. 主推进器全速向右。

20. bow thrust stop. 前推进器停。21. stem thrust stop. 主推进器停。二、缆令(line order) 1. Which side is alongside? Alongside is port/ starboard? 哪边靠码头?左舷还是右舷?2. Heave up the line! 撤缆!3. Send out the heaving line/ fore line/stern line/ aft spring line. 带头缆/带首缆/尾缆/尾倒缆。

4. Heave away. 绞缆; Stop heaving. 停缆。5. Heave tight. 收绞; Make fast. 挽牢。6. Head off/ stem off. 首先离/尾先离。

7. single up. 单绑; let go. 解掉。8. Let go head line/ stem line/spring line/ towing line. 解首缆/尾缆/拖缆。9. Clear aft. 船尾清爽三、锚令(anchor older) 1. Stand by port anchor. 准备左锚。2. Stand by starboard anchor. 准备右锚。

3. both anchors. 双锚。4. let go the anchor. 抛锚。5. Let go port anchor. 抛左锚。

6. Let go starboard anchor. 抛右锚。7. one/two/three shackles in water. 一/两/三节入水。8. four shackles on deck. 四节在甲板上。

9. Slack away the anchor. 松锚。10. hold on the shackles. 锚链刹住。11. check the cable. 止住锚链。

12. stop heaving. 挺绞。13. Stand by heave up anchor.准备收锚。

14. anchor is aweigh.锚离底。15. anchor is up. 锚出水。16. anchor foul. 锚交缠。17. How is the chain leading? 锚链在什么偏向?18. Leading forward/ahead. 锚链向前。

19. Leading afterward (leading after). 锚链向后。20. Leading to port. 锚链向左21. Leading to the starboard side. 锚链向右。

22. Chain across ship's head. 链过船头。四、检查及其他常用语(inspection and other related useful words) 1. Inspect the pumps please.请检查一下泵。2. Check the bearing. 检查一下轴承。

3. Check the whole system for leakage. 整个系统查漏。4. Check the temperature of ... 检查…的温度5. it is necessary to check and examine the oil separator at once. 有须要立刻检查分油机。

6. Check the oil level in the lubricator. 检查注油器的油位。7. Examine inside of the crankcase. 检查一下8. Examine/ test the main engine/auxiliary engine/ steering gear every four hours. 每个小时检查一下主机/辅机/舵机。

9. Please measure the depth of the fuel oil. 请丈量一下燃油的深度。10. Please measure the clearance between the piston and the cylinder. 请丈量活塞与汽缸之间的间隙。

11. Keep the engine room clean and tidy. 保持机舱清洁。12. Clean the inside of the condenser. 清洁冷凝器内部。13. Clean the cargo tanks of sludge. 清洁货舱中的油污。14. Please make adjustment and correction. 请做调整和校正。

15. Adjust the derrick/ the safety valve. 调整吊杆/宁静阀。16. Set the fuel pump. 调定燃油泵。

17. Correct the regulating valve. 矫正调治筏。18. Carry out the bridge order at once. 迅速执行驾驶台下令。

19. Keeping water system running. 保持水系统运行。20. Make sure that everything is correct/ in order. 确保一切正常。21. Record the water level of the tank. 记下水箱的位置。22. Inform the duty officer on the bridge. 通知驾驶台值班驾驶员。

23. Should we reply? 我们应该回令吗? 24. Start the engine please. 启动发念头。25. Shut down the engine.停车。

26. Warm the engine. 暖机。27. Open the air cock/valve. 打开空气旋塞/阀门。

28. Turn on/off, switch on/off 开/关…29. What do you want? 你要什么工具?30. May I use your spanner? 我可以用一下你的扳手吗? 31. Wait a moment, I will get tools for you. 稍等,我拿给你。32. Ladder is ready. 梯子准备好了。33. Please lend us some safety caps. 请借给我们一些宁静帽。

34. Please help me lift up the cover. 请帮我抬起一下盖子。35. You could ask for the second engineer for tools if necessary. 如果有须要,你可以向二管轮借一下工具。36. Take your positions please. 请大家各就列位。

37. All hands, assemble for roll-call. 全体荟萃点名。38. Fall in again. 全体荟萃。39. You are dismissed from your position. 遣散。

40. Listen to me, I'm giving you some precautions to be observed by all ship's crew in this port. 大家留意听我说,我说一下全体海员在本口岸应该遵循的几点注意事项。一、梯口值班(gangway watching) 1. Excuse me, who are you? 对不起,您是谁?2. I am the x x x . 我是x x x。Agent署理), chief tallyman(理货组长), foreman(领班), stevedore worker (码头工人), customs officer(海关官员) , immigration officer (移民局官员) , PSC officer(口岸国检查官员) surveyor (验船师、磨练师), ship supplier (船舶供应商), harbor master(港监、驻港师),superintendent (公司治理/监视人员)。

3. Who are you looking for?你找谁? 4. I want to see the master/captain/chief engineer/chief officer. 我想找船长/轮机长/大副。5. Please adjust the gangway. 请调整船舷梯。6. Mind your steps when coming upstairs. 上梯时请注意宁静。


7. Please go this way. 请这边走。8. Please sign your name here. 请在这签名。

9. Open the cover of the hatch No. 1. 打开1号船舱盖。10. Close the cover of hatch No. 5. 关上5号船舱盖。11. Swing the derrick to the portside/starboard side. 将吊杆甩到左舷/右舷。

12. Lower a little. 降低一点。13. Higher a little. 升高一点。

14. Scaled and chipped to bare mental. 敲铲除白。15. Rusty part. 生绣的部位。

16. A/C paint = anti-corrosive paint. 防锈漆。17. A/P paint = anti-pollutant paint. 防污漆。18. Red lead primer. 红防锈漆。

19. Varnish. 清漆。20. Veady mixed paint. 和谐漆。21. Enamel. 磁化漆。22. Painting stage. 油漆用的脚手架。

23. Paint brush. 油漆刷。24. Paint gun. 喷漆枪。25. Paint locker. 油漆间。26. Paint remover. 油漆水。

27. Paint roller. 滚筒漆刷。28. Paint thinner. 油漆稀释剂。29. Block. 滑车。30. Chain blocker. 差动滑车。

31. Sheave. 滑车。32. Welder. 焊工。Welding. 焊接。33. Welding machine. 电焊机Welding wire. 焊条 Welding torch. 焊接喷灯。

34. Deck paint. 甲板漆;Topside paint. 船壳漆; Boot topping paint. 水线漆。35. Ship bottom paint. 船底漆; Aluminum primer. 银粉漆; Funnel paint. 烟窗漆36. Oil tanker paint 油舱漆二、劳保用品及衣物(working protection gears) 1. working suit 单事情服2. mask 面罩3. safety shoes 事情鞋4. sea boots, gunboots 雨鞋5. raincoat 雨衣; frock 制服大衣; gloves, mitten 手套6. safety helmet (cap) 宁静帽7. sandal 凉鞋; sweeter 毛衣; neck tie 领结8. overcoat 大衣; uniform 制服; slippers 拖鞋9. ashtray 烟灰缸; tie 领结; closet 衣柜10. jacket 夹克; hat 帽子三、绑扎用具(lashing and securing appliance) 1. lashing/securing 绑扎/加固2. lashing bar/chain 拉杆/链条3. bridge fitting 桥索4. twist lock 扭锁5. turnbuckle 松紧螺丝6. foot lock 底锁7. operating rod 角锁杆8. locking plate 锁板9. single/double/twist stacker 单锥/双锥/带锥四、消防救生设备(fire fighting and life saving equipment) 1. life jacket 救生衣 2. life buoy 救生圈 3. life raft 救生筏 4. life boat 救生艇 5. rescue boat 救助艇 6. fire fighting equipment 消防器材 7. hose box 消防箱 8. hose pipe 消防管 9. fire axe 消防斧 10. fire hook 消防钩 11. fire plug 消防栓 12. fire pump 消防泵五、船上工具和设备(equipment and facilities on board) 1. cargo hatch 舱口 2. cargo hold 货舱 3. cargo mat 隔离席 4. cargo net 吊货网 5. windlass 锚机 6. cargo separate net 隔票网 7. cargo runner 吊货钢丝 8. cargo winch 起货机 9. cotton canvass 棉帆布 10. cotton gloves 棉手套 11. hand fid 木笔 12. spike 铁笔 13. hand lead 水多; hand lead line 水多线 14. please follow me/ come on please 请跟我来 15. grain elevator 吸粮机,粮食传送带 16. convey belt 输送带 17. hand cart 手推车 18. flexible ruler 卷尺 19. seal tape 封舱胶带 20. mallet 木槌 21. palm 掌盘 22. canvas needle 帆针 23. shovel 铲子 24. hacksaw 钢锯 25. oil can 油壶 26. shackle 卸扣,锚链的节 27. broom 扫帚; swap/mop 拖把 28. chipping gun 敲锈枪 29. oil jack 油压千斤顶30. pad locker 挂锁 31. box spanner socket 套筒扳手 32. ring spanner 梅花扳手 33. adjustable spanner 活络扳手 34. double end spanner 双头扳手 35. single end spanner 单头扳手 36. pipe wrench 管子钳 37. bench vice 台钳 38. hammer 锤子 39. file 锉刀 40. chisel 凿子 41. scrapper 刮刀 42. lathe 车床 43. planer 刨床 44. saw 锯子 45. axe 斧子 46. electric welding machine 电焊机 47. gas welding machine 气焊机 48. screw driver 螺丝刀 49. flat screw driver 平头螺丝刀 50. grease gun 牛油枪 51. lifting gear 起吊工具 52. flash torch 手电筒 53. oil sounding tap 测油尺 54. caliper 卡钳 55. ruler 尺子 56. crow bar 撬棒 57. wire brush 钢丝刷 58. copper brush 铜丝刷 59. saw blade 锯条 60. trolley 天车海员常用英文用语和词汇一、舵令英语(wheel order) 1. Port ten (five, fifteen, sixteen degrees). 左舵十(五、十五、十六)度。

2. Starboard ten. 右舵十度。3. Hard port. 左舵满。

4. Hard starboard. 右舵满。5. Midship or amidships. 正舵。6. Steady or steady on course. Steady as she goes. 把定其时的舵向。7. Nothing to port/starboard. 不要偏左/右。

8. Steer x x x (course x x x). 走x x x度。9. What is the course? 舵向几多? 10. Course now. 现在舵向。11. How is the rudder's answer? 舵效如何? 12. Keep buoy/mark/beacon/ on port side. 把浮筒/标志/浮标让到左舷。13. Finish with wheel. 竣事用舵。

14. Report if she does not answer wheel.船没有舵反映请陈诉。如果你是要入行海员,或者已经是航海事情者 这些都是须要的词汇。